Customer Acquisition

A list of our features.

Our Services

Lead Generation

The biggest value I bring to your business is a dependable and steady stream of warm leads. Would you like 5+ more customer every month who need your higher ticket service or product?

Ads done for you

I build your Facebook ads and target people in your local area using a great Offer you can afford to give away.  

Sales Follow-Up

I provide and teach you a data driven sales follow-up process to maximize conversions. You will have a Google sheet I provide to you and also your front desk salesperson will have it on their computer. He or she will follow-up as soon as they see a Lead's Name, Email & Cell number to book a time with you or to buy your product.


New features in 2019!

  • Saves you time

    The customer acquisition system we use saves you time and brings in consistent new customers every month using the power of Facebook Ads.

  • Videos & Photo Content

    Videos are an amazing salesperson that work for your business 24/7. Great video marketing content we can produce are Facebook and Youtube Video ads, Team Bio videos (aka Video Business Cards) and hybrid testimonial videos from your loyal customers. We can also use photos in your advertising. Video & Photo content costs extra. With Youtube Ads I can target people watching certain videos and YT channels that are in your niche, we can also target people in your local area who are watching Youtube videos. Your Youtube Ad will show up in the video their watching.

  • Email Marketing

    We will build your Email list by having a Sign Up to email list form on your website, and their email will be sent to your Email list when they enter their Name, Email & Cell Number in the Facebook Lead Form or Sales Funnel (Landing Page) if we use Facebook Conversions Ads.

  • Facebook Pixel

    If you don't already have your Facebook Business page's Facebook Pixel installed on your website, I can help you install it and also on any Sales funnels we use to retarget people who go on your website or the Sales funnel for your Offer. If the FB Pixel is on your site or sales funnel and someone goes on it, they will see your Facebook Ads on their FB.

Interested in learning our Customer Acquisition + Follow up system? There are 3 payment options for the Online Course. Learn how to get new Customers monthly getting your higher ticket procedures on demand.