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Mission Statement:

Our MISSION is to connect 1 Million People with Dentists who offer Braces, inVisalign, Myobrace, dental implants, SomnoDent and appliances for sleep apnea to help those people have brighter smiles and brighter lives. Also to help many Dental clinics who are in debt get out of debt within 2 or so years working with me. I'm seeing that many Dental clinic websites don't have facebook pixels. If you are a Dentist and you'd like to learn the simple BrightSmile.io Dental Patient Acquisition + Follow up System, sign up today. It can help you get 5+ NEW patients EVERY MONTH who need braces, inVisalign, SomnoDent, Myobrace, dental implants and appliances for sleep apnea. Which could mean anywhere from an extra $5,000 to $25,000/month for your clinic each month using the patient acquisition system and follow up system you will learn. It's new and nobody is doing this effective system, which shows your ROI each week and month.

Our mission is also to empower dental clinic owners and managers to take marketing in their own hands and not have to rely on agencies that don’t understand their message or their people.

Dentists want more new patients for their high ticket procedures, which helps more people have better smiles but also helps their business grow. Many of you are paying for marketing but you don't know if your marketing dollars are being put to good use. You don't know if you're getting a return on investment (ROI). This System you and your team will learn is trackable and shows your weekly and monthly Return on Investment.

Patient Acquisition Specialist

Jonathan R. Holeton is a dental patient acquisition specialist.
I help dentists get more patients every month who need braces, invisalign, myobraces, dental implants, SomnoDent or appliance for sleep apnea, using the power of Facebook Ads. I teach you how to target people in your local area, near your dental clinic and attract leads who are unhappy with their smile through FB ads that have an Amazing Offer from your dental clinic, which makes them want to enter their Name, Email and Cell Number.
If you signup to the BrightSmile Dental Patient Acquisition + Follow up Course, you will learn how to bring in more patients monthly.

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