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Easy to Implement

Watch the Course videos. I will send you a Customer Acquisition Google Sheet that your receptionist will have open to follow up with warm leads you get from Advanced Facebook ads your will learn from me, such as FB Lead Ads and FB conversion Ads.

Get Leads with your Amazing Offer

You will come up with an Amazing first offer you can afford to give away to ONE Lucky winner on Facebook. This will attract many Leads and they will be willing to enter their Name, Email and Cell Number to be entered.

Customer Acquisition Process

When they enter their Name, Email and Cell Number, that info gets sent INSTANTLY to your Receptionist's Google sheet that you will have access to as well. The Lead also gets an Instant Automatic text saying "Thank you for entering [Your Business Name] 's Giveaway. We will be calling you soon to book you a time. Your Receptionist will have to call that warm lead right away to book their session with you.  

Be the reason someone smiles today.
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